Property market springing into life

As the first shoots of spring come through the surface, it signals a new beginning and a fresh start. Nowhere is that more evident than in the UK right now with the triggering of Article 50 signalling the start of a new era. At last some confidence that the decision has been made and the Government provides certainty that we will be leaving the EU.

We expect this confidence to carry into the property market, encouraging people to move on with their lives. Last month we agreed to take on our first new development of the year – which is cleared for foundations to start in June. This assurance by developers is always a key signal that there is growth in the market.

The expectation, pre-referendum that house prices would drop couldn’t be further from the truth, as they continue to rise steadily. Demand for homes remains strong and outweighs the effects of any uncertainty in the market.

Times of uncertainty and reduced transactions are almost always followed by periods of increased transactions. Oswestry is ready to boom. It may not be London, but at times like this, London may well wish it was us. With affordable house prices and years of steady growth – we’re resilient to the national economic booms and busts experienced by the cities.

The last few years have been a challenge with all the uncertainty, but – comparing Oswestry’s property market to a lawn roller (slow and steady) – it’s rolling and we don’t expect it to stop. Lending rates are low, making it an ideal time for first-timers, up-sizers and investors to buy.

Our greatest challenge over the coming quarter is getting enough housing stock to fulfil the demand of our growing waiting list. With sensible pricing, attractive interiors, the best marketing and photography and an experienced, dedicated sales team – we are seeing properties selling within a week of coming on the market with us.

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