Buyers viewing guide COVID – 19 Book a Property Valuation

COVID – 19 - Viewing Guidance for Buyers

Government guidance is that we should introduce protective measures on property viewings as follows

1. You, and the seller, will be required to complete a health questionnaire.

2. Only 2 viewers will be permitted, and each will be required to complete the above.

3. You will be required to wear a face mask and gloves. We ask you to supply your own.

4. You will be required to observe a 2m distancing at all times. Please avoid handshakes or any physical contact.

5. All internal doors will be left open, please refrain from touching any surfaces.

6.  Please dispose of all PPE used safely

7.  All negotiations and supplementary questions should be undertaken by phone or email after the viewing has taking place. Please do not prolong face-to-face contact for longer than necessary.

Please note that if more than 2 viewers arrive at the property, the vendor or Woodhead’s agent reserve the right to refuse access.