Brexit or no Brexit, it’s business as usual in Oswestry

Kate Howell, of Woodhead Sales and Lettings in the centre of Oswestry, is our ‘Secret Agent’, lifting the lid on the world of property.  This month, Kate is thinking about the EU referendum…

“In or out, Brexit has been the subject of intense debate over the last six months and while you’re reading this the votes have been cast and the decision made, but at the time of writing there is major uncertainty about which way the vote will go.  I predict whichever way it has gone that it’s business as usual in Oswestry.

“The referendum has been an unwelcome distraction as we impatiently await the result so that business life can resume.  We’ve just come out of a recession - things are growing - wages are going up, rents are increasing and the face of Oswestry is about to change with multiple major developments planned.  Those developers are already committed to building in Oswestry, whatever the outcome of the referendum. 

“The scare-mongering used to dissuade us from voting for a Brexit has focused on falling house prices.  One of the great things about living in Oswestry is that our house prices don’t experience the highs and lows that some parts of the country do.  The house prices here represent the pace of life; steady, and I predict it will stay that way, Brexit or no Brexit.

“We live in a growth area and property is a growth market.  The infrastructure in Oswestry is ripe for development and demand for housing has never been higher.  All these signs point to a positive outcome for the local property market, whatever the result. 

“The only uncertainty I have is whether we’ll be leaving the EU, what I am certain about is that Oswestry’s property market will continue as it always has done, attracting people to the town for it’s reasonable pricing and steady pace of life.

“I look forward to moving on from the referendum and enjoying all that the town has to offer this summer, in particular the food festival on the 9th and 10th of July, where we welcome in lots of visitors from outside of the town and showcase the best of Oswestry.”