August update

August is traditionally the time when the property industry takes a breather, the schools are out, families go away on holiday and we brace ourselves for the autumn rush. This year will be no different. The team are full of excitement, enthusiasm and dedication for the season. I’ve just taken on my apprentice Kasey as a permanent member of staff to further strengthen our team, who have all completed their annual training, passing with flying colours.

There’s an extra two members of the Woodhead team on the way, with the happy news that Kim, Principality manager is expecting twins.

The weather is holding for the moment – a bit like the property market. We have just had some of the best sales and lettings results in years. In addition, our first traditional auction is set to take place on 10 August and is already bursting with interest.

All this positivity is set against a national backdrop of Brexit, the tragedy of Grenfell Tower and the devastation of terrorist attacks. Though we are living in uncertain times, we must reflect and then continue to look towards the positive.

I have taken on two new responsible building sites of 10 bungalows on the edge of Oswestry and 46 family homes in the Whittington catchment area, which are nearing the release or build stage. With low interest rates continuing to buoy the housing market, I expect growth to continue in our area.